NINo registrations: Analytical Dashboard

Data from July 2002 to June 2018 by DWP

Where in the world are people registering from?

The world map is the main controller. It is coloured according to the total number of NINo registrations from each country. Darker shades of blue indicate more registrations as shown by the legend. When you click on a country, the map will zoom in as shown in the picture. Moving your mouse over the country brings up the total number of registrations for that country for the time period selected. Please note that the map is not interactive for smaller screens and is instead replaced by a dropdown box to select a country.

When a country is clicked the other charts will update for this country. The line chart shows the time series for that country across the whole avaliable time period. The Great Britian map updates its colours to show the hotspot regions where registrations from that country go to. Moving your mouse over the map gives the actual numbers in each region i.e. in the screenshot the mouse is over the North East giving the number in this region as 14,863.

To return to the Great Britian figures for all available years click the Reset button.