NINo registrations: Analytical Dashboard

Data from July 2002 to June 2018 by DWP


This interactive visulisation shows statistics relating to National Insurance number (NINo) registrations to adult overseas nationals entering the UK. Data for the visulisation is drawn from our published Data Tables.

The data provided covers the period from July 2002 to June 2018. These statistics have been developed in accordance with the National Statistics Code of Practice and supporting principles.

The charts on the tabs are responsive to the selections you make, so offer a new way to explore DWP's NINo registrations data. The full report and supplementary documents are still avaliable as in previous quarters.

What is National Insurance number registrations to adult overseas nationals entering the UK?

A NINo is generally required by any adult overseas national looking to work or claim benefits / tax credits in the UK. As such they show counts – by individual nationality – of the number of NINos registered to adult non-UK nationals, irrespective of the length of stay in the UK. The NINo statistics are not a count of the number of adult non-UK nationals currently residing in the UK.

The registration date represents the date the NINo was processed on the source system, i.e. after the NINo application and allocation process has been completed. The applicant may not apply for a NINo for a number of weeks or months after arriving in the UK and hence the data is not a specific measure of arrival to the UK.

The NINo statistics are not directly comparable to the Labour Force Survey employment estimates which indicate the stock of people working in the UK, nor do they align well with the Office for National Statistics long-term estimates of immigration based on the International Passenger Survey (IPS). The IPS-based estimates are for long-term international immigration only i.e. people who intend to stay in the UK for 12 months or more for any reason (not just to work). National Insurance registrations will cover all of those who register seeking to work, including those who stay for under 12 months in the UK. This will include many short term migrants (such as those who might come to work over the summer, for example in the agricultural or hospitality sectors).

In March 2016, the Office for National Statistics published an information note explaining the reasons why long-term international immigration figures from the IPS could differ from the number of NINo registrations. A follow up analytical paper was published presenting analysis that has been undertaken across government to help understand why the 2 series are showing different trends, with focus on EU migration.

Further information including detail on data sources, uses and limitations of the NINo registration series can be found here

Where in the UK are people registering?
The location shown is based on address at the time of NINo registration – an individual may have subsequently moved within the UK or returned abroad.
Counts less than 3 are supressed
Due to disclosure controls, we supress all counts that are below 3. These will be shown as zero
Some new countries may not be represented on the map
For the purposes of showing an unbroken time series, Sudan & South Sudan and Serbia & Montenegro are shown together.